Customize Your Wiki

Achievements are a Fandom wiki-specific feature (previously a Wiki Feature that admins could enable by themselves) which presents editors with achievements (also referred to as "badges") for completing specific tasks and duties on the wiki. This feature can be enabled by requesting it for your wiki from Fandom staff via Special:Contact/general. Similar to Wiki Features, customization is enabled via the special page Special:AchievementsCustomize.

Customizing badges via special page[]

An administrator of the wiki can customize the badges via the Special page at Special:AchievementsCustomize. They can:

  • rename badges
  • upload files to be made into images to accompany badges
  • add new badge "tracks" for editing pages in specific categories (currently unavailable on UCP)

Further customization[]

Main article: Frameless badges

Some users may feel restrained by the imposition of gold/silver/bronze frames by AchievementsCustomize, and desire to use their own outlines or none at all. It is possible to do so by uploading the files directly.