Some users may feel restrained by the imposition of gold/silver/bronze frames by Special:AchievementsCustomize, and desire to use their own outlines or none at all. It is possible to do so by uploading the files directly.

Uploading frameless badgesEdit

There are two ways to upload an image for a badge.

The first, and most obvious to the average user, is by using the special page at Special:AchievementsCustomize, which allows the user to easily rename all their badges and upload an image to represent each one. Uploading images to represent badges through this special page has the side effect that each badge is processed by the addition of a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum frame. Sometimes this isn't quite what users want, because they might have pre-formatted their badges to be perfect without the coercive addition of a frame.

If we want our badges to be frameless, we will have to use the second method. The second method bypasses Special:AchievementsCustomize and directly uploads the files via Special:Upload. Special:Upload does not process images in any way, nor does it upload a frame: the badges will be uploaded like any other image would.

The tricky part is to upload the image to the correct location. There is a very specific location for each badge, to which images must be uploaded in order for them to take the place of the default badges. Let's explore a few ways to find the correct locations.

List of locations Edit

You don't have to find out yourself where badges will be located, 'cause it's standardized in most cases. Here's a list!

Edit track
Badge-edit-0 Making a Difference File:Badge-edit-0.png
Badge-edit-1 Just the Beginning File:Badge-edit-1.png
Badge-edit-2 Making Your Mark File:Badge-edit-2.png
Badge-edit-3 Friend of the Wiki File:Badge-edit-3.png
Badge-edit-4 Collaborator File:Badge-edit-4.png
Badge-edit-5 Wiki Builder File:Badge-edit-5.png
Badge-edit-6 Wiki Leader File:Badge-edit-6.png
Badge-edit-7 Wiki Expert File:Badge-edit-7.png
Pictures track
Badge-picture-0 Snapshot File:Badge-picture-0.png
Badge-picture-1 Paparazzi File:Badge-picture-1.png
Badge-picture-2 Illustrator File:Badge-picture-2.png
Badge-picture-3 Collector File:Badge-picture-3.png
Badge-picture-4 Art Lover File:Badge-picture-4.png
Badge-picture-5 Decorator File:Badge-picture-5.png
Badge-picture-6 Designer File:Badge-picture-6.png
Badge-picture-7 Curator File:Badge-picture-7.png
Category track
Badge-category-0 Make a Connection File:Badge-category-0.png
Badge-category-1 Trail Blazer File:Badge-category-1.png
Badge-category-2 Explorer File:Badge-category-2.png
Badge-category-3 Tour Guide File:Badge-category-3.png
Badge-category-4 Navigator File:Badge-category-4.png
Badge-category-5 Bridge Builder File:Badge-category-5.png
Badge-category-6 Wiki Planner File:Badge-category-6.png
Blog Post track
Badge-blogpost-0 Something to Say File:Badge-blogpost-0.png
Blog Comment track
Badge-blogcomment-0 Opinionator File:Badge-blogcomment-0.png
Badge-blogcomment-1 And One More Thing File:Badge-blogcomment-1.png
Wiki Love track
Badge-love-0 Key to the Wiki! File:Badge-love-0.png
Badge-love-1 Two Weeks on the Wiki File:Badge-love-1.png
Badge-love-2 Devoted File:Badge-love-2.png
Badge-love-3 Dedicated File:Badge-love-3.png
Badge-love-4 Addicted File:Badge-love-4.png
Badge-love-5 A Wiki Life File:Badge-love-5.png
Badge-love-6 Wiki Hero! File:Badge-love-6.png
Special Achievements
Badge-welcome Welcome to the Wiki File:Badge-welcome.png
Badge-introduction Introduction File:Badge-introduction.png
Badge-sayhi Stopping By to Say Hi File:Badge-sayhi.png
Badge-creator The Creator File:Badge-creator.png
Badge-pounce Pounce! File:Badge-pounce.png
Badge-caffeinated Caffeinated File:Badge-caffeinated.png
Badge-luckyedit Lucky Edit File:Badge-luckyedit.png

Change blank badges Edit

The blank badges shown at the top of Special:Leaderboard cannot be changed like the other badges; they must be changed by altering the wikis css.

  1. Upload the images you want to be displayed with Special:Upload. The image must be 50x50px.
  2. Copy the full url of the image just uploaded
  3. Go to MediaWiki:Wikia.css and add the follow code. Replace COLOR with bronze, siver or gold and YOUR_URL with the url copied in step 2.
#about-achievements ul .COLOR span {
    background-image: url( YOUR_URL );

The above is for static revisions of images.
You can however also automatically use the latest version of the images by:

  1. Upload the images you want to be displayed with Special:Upload. The image must be 50x50px.
  2. Copy the filename.ext of the image just uploaded.
  3. Go to MediaWiki:Wikia.css and add the follow code. Replace COLOR with bronze, siver or gold and YOUR_FILENAME with the filename copied in step 2.
#about-achievements ul .COLOR span {
    background-image: url("/wiki/Special:FilePath/YOUR_FILENAME");

My badge isn't listed above! Edit

If you can't see your badge in the list above (probably because your badge is part of a custom edit track) there is a way to find out the correct location to upload the file.

  1. Upload a custom image for your badge via Special:AchievementsCustomize on your wiki. Don't worry if it's coercively processed. It's only a temporary upload.
  2. Go to Special:Listfiles on your wiki. Find the image you have just uploaded.
  3. Go to the image's page in the File: namespace.
  4. Click "File History" and click "Upload a new version of this file."
  5. Upload the finished, frameless version of the file! You can delete the old version if you want - it's optional.

Wikis with frameless badges Edit