Customize Your Wiki

This article concludes how to install a higher quality wiki background, overriding the default 300 kilobytes limit and increasing the maximum file size to 10 megabytes.

Step 1: Upload your image[]

Upload your image. To upload your image, go to Special:Upload on your wiki. The file name doesn't matter.

Step 2: Fetch your image URL[]

Fetch your image URL. Once you are brought to your file's page, right-click on the image and open the image in a new tab. Then, remove ALL of the text after "/revision" in the URL. After this, you may copy the edited URL for later.


Initial URL:

Edited URL:

Step 3: Add the CSS[]

Add the script. To add the script, go to MediaWiki:Common.css on your wiki (also found in the admin dashboard). Click "Edit Source", then copy and paste the code below:

/* Import background from image url */
body.mediawiki {
	background: url('IMAGEURL');
	background-attachment: fixed;
	background-size: cover;

Step 3: Combine the image and CSS[]

Now, combine the image and script. Where the text "IMAGEURL" appears, replace the letters with your image URL.


Initial script (portion):

background: url('IMAGEURL');

Edited script (portion):

background: url('');

Step 4: Save[]

Save. That's it, click "Save Changes" at the bottom of your screen.

Important notes[]

  • The background may not take effect immediately. Although, if it does not update for you after 10 minutes, try opening your wiki in an Incognito Browser.
  • The background will only appear on articles and profiles. For forums, you will need to edit the background in the default theme editor.