Customize Your Wiki

Mercury is the codename for Fandom's mobile skin. Make sure to see the FAQ. Prior to Mercury, there was a mobile skin called "wikiamobile", but it is now just a redirect to Mercury.

To see the skin on computer devices, type in


at the end of the URL.


Curated Main Page[]

The main page displays a clean and mobile-friendly main page. It displays the wiki's name and statistics on the top, then under it, there is featured content (optionally), then under it, the wiki description (optionally), then under it, featured categories (optionally), then under them, trending articles, then under them, videos.

Article Page[]

On the top, a blue header appears which displays the wiki's name (which leads to the main page), then under it, the article's name. If the image in the infobox is as large as the infobox width, the title appears at the bottom of the image. Infoboxes display nicely, and they display as the first thing to read.

Under infoboxes, there is the table of contents. On pages without infoboxes, it appears under the blue header.

Next, there is the article content. Each section with a level 2 heading is editable.

Next, there is an exclusive feature which shows the top contributors of an article.

Under it, there are the comments, which are collapsed by default. Comments with replies have replies collapsed by default. There may be separate pages for comments, where it depends on the amount of comments.

Finally, under the comments, there are categories.

Editing Interface[]

The editing interface is extremely simplistic. The editior header has a back button, a sign which indicates what page or section the user is editing and a Publish button. The editor is a source editor without syntax highlighting and the source mode font.

Why (not) use Mercury[]


  • Mobile friendly curated mobile main page.
  • Cleaner interface in mobile devices.


  • Lacks additional features- some namespace pages and custom CSS/JS.


The Mercury skin can't be customized at this time.