The Upside Down Show - Safety Times is a comedy direct-to-video home video for the special released in December 9, 2006 with Noggin TV series.


Shane and David seeing the Incredibles running and Alice his destroying the city with the people is screaming runaway of the wrecking with Alice, the Rex, Hamm, Slinky Dog, Fred, Barney, Pinocchio (Woody's friend) and the Omniroid shrinks Alice his normal with Shane and David.


  • Shane Dundas
  • David Collins
  • Sheriff Woody
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Mr. Potato Head
  • Slinky Dog
  • Rex
  • Hamm
  • Bo Peep
  • Alice
  • Mad Hatter
  • Cheshire Cat
  • White Rabbit
  • Dodo
  • Queen of Hearts
  • Pinocchio
  • Jiminy Cricket
  • Geppetto
  • The Blue Fairy
  • Mr. Incredible
  • Elastigirl
  • Dash Parr
  • Violet Parr
  • Jack-Jack Parr
  • Frozone
  • Edna Mode
  • Rick Dicker

Other castEdit

  • Peter Pan
  • Wendy Darling
  • The Doorknob
  • Puppet
  • Mrs. Foil
  • Robin Williams
  • Kathryn Beaumont



  • Shane character is the used home video from "Picnic"
  • Shane voice is the used home video from "Movie Theatre"
  • David character is the used home video from "Birthday Party"
  • David voice is the used home video from "Beach"
  • The Season 1-2 Upside Down Show musical arrangements from "Barbershop"
  • The Randy Newman musical arrangements from "Toy Story"
  • The Walt Disney musical arrangements from "Alice in Wonderland"
  • The Cliff Edwards musical arrangements from "Pinocchio"
  • The Michael Giacchino musical arrangements from "The Incredibles"
  • During a scene which Alice screaming with the birds and running for the creatures in she saying, "Run for your lives!"
  • When Alice screams with the Screamin' Banshee is puzzling with crashing,